Our Services for Higher Study

  1. We have opened an information booth where student can fine a wide range of dealing.
  2. We provide information like course curriculum, fees, duration of course by student demand.
  3. We provide English language teaching services on spoken English, IELTS.
  4. A full group of highly motivated, welcoming, friendly and experience counselors who are expert in their fields of work.
  5. To provide very personalized service.
  6. To provide the best positive autonomous assistance.

Promotional Activities:

  1. Distributive leaflet and brochures across Bangladesh.
  2. Organizing seminars and take part in education fair.
  3. Concentrate on student’s admission, career information and academic matter.
  4. Arrange seasonal spot admissions.
  5. Visit foreign institutions.

Business plan:

  1. Now we are recruiting student from the references from by students and skill migrates went overseas by our agency. We are promoted by regional marketing. Therefore we have a future plan to work on nationwide marketing.
  2. Soon we all create a liaison with local education providers for developing student exchanges program.
  3. Find universities with reasonable tuition so our local students can easily afford.
  4. Bring out the universities, college, training institutes to support the business and the technological development of Bangladesh.
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